Our company exists since 1981

We fences, balustrades, grilles and other products of artistic style, forged as well as projects we typically modern. With the extensive experience of staff and very good technical equipment, we
able to make every order.
Our clients offer technical assistance and advice on a project undertaken - such as fences - at no additional cost. We also work designed by the designers as well as investor / g of the individual
Purchaser ideas. The latter we would particularly due to customer satisfaction.
We guarantee the transport and installation of the ordered items.
Anti-corrosion products we make by hot-dip galvanizing, painting and traditional powder.
Also make decorative patina / aging / products.
Many of our products can also be seen abroad, including on the websites of foreign partners for which we contract, among others. in the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Norway and England.
However, the domestic market is our priority.
Welcome to cooperate also companies offering services similar profile of performance of contracts for collection along with the technical design (design-free), or the preparation of items for self-assembly
(including sets for making fences or railings to be fitted only by welding).
For orders from abroad help with transportation.

Our company because of the large manufacturing capacity and extensive machinery (about 60 machines) also provides services in the implementation details and elements by:
- Bending of arbitrary shapes (circles, ovals, rectangles, elements of the "S", "C" as well as the shapes and curves of the pipes)
- Torsion bars,
- Rozkuwanie,
- Moletowanie flat bars and rods,
- Stamping and punching presses to 250 tons.,
- Milling,
- Turning,
- Burning plasma,
- Welding of small parts, etc.

In our offer in addition to fences will find:
- Elements of curtain rods (ends, tubing (pipe twisting the material entrusted - two designs), brackets, frogs, etc.)
- Metal furniture,
- Flowerbeds,
- Advertising
- Lamps,
- Mailboxes
- Escutcheons
- Horseshoe,
- Tanks for the bagging of coal and other bulk materials,
- Roofing,
- Metallurgical products: rods, flats, profiles, tubes, profiles.
- Etc.

Any order made by us is characterized by great care and attention to every detail.

Install automatic gantry leading companies, NICE, CAME.
We sell automatic self-assembly with instructions and initial programowaniem.Proponujemy support on the phone at installation. / / Here and NICE CAME banners with links to their pages.
We help our clients in the selection of construction companies with experience in execution of fences and of course in cooperation with them during execution.

We invite you to cooperation.
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